TOP 5 PS4 GAMES IN 2020!

Top 5 games list :

1. God of War :

2. Marvel’s Spiderman :

3. Dragon ball Z Kakarot :

4. Grand Theft Auto V :

5. Horizon Zero Dawn :



In what is likely the single biggest nonedible success story to emerge from Shark Tank, inventor Aaron Krause convinced Greiner to invest $200,000 in his smiley-faced sponge. But the Scrub Daddy is more than just a vessel to tackle dried-on chili from pans: Rinsed under hot water, it gets pliable enough to use on counters. Run it under cold and it firms up to tackle baked-on messes. As of 2019, Scrub Daddy had the highest revenue of any product successfully pitched on the ABC reality show Shark Tank!

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In 2013, inventor Jamie Siminoff brought his idea for a video doorbell to TV’s “Shark Tank,” hoping to find a backer for his new company. The sharks flatly rejected him. 

But the product, Ring, became a huge hit, and Amazon purchased his company in 2018 for over $1 billion.

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A plastic stool meant to facilitate more efficient emptying of the colon, the Squatty Potty made a splash when it was featured on the show in 2014. The company moved than $1 million in product in the 24 hours following broadcast—that was in addition to Greiner’s $500,000 investment. In 2016, the company topped $30 million sales.

Creator Bobby Edwards cites his chronically constipated mother, Judy, as being the inspiration. Loads of other “toilet stools” have followed, and scientific papers have been written confirming that they do indeed help make pooping easier.

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Resembling something like a skateboard liberated from its wheels, the Simply Fit board is a core balance device meant to strengthen abdominal muscles.

In a 2015 appearance, co-founders Gloria Hoffman and Linda Clark convinced Greiner that it was a wise investment, but Greiner felt she had to act fast: Without a patent, copycats would become a problem. Sales went from $575,000 to $9 million in a matter of months, with placement in Home Depot and Walmart locations.

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A wise man once told me, “People hate buying stuff they need, but LOVE buying stuff they want.”

Sun-Staches DEFINITELY fall into the “want” category.

These guys secured a licensing deal with Marvel thanks to Daymond’s connections.

Yet another lesson that the Sharks offer way more than just deep pocketbooks

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When duct tape won’t do, FiberFix promises to offer a sticky solution. The ultra-durable adhesive tape hardens into a steel-like texture, creating a permanent and water-tight covering for repairs on most surfaces. It’s 100 times stronger than duct tape and can fix virtually anything. Lori Greiner invested and has seen the company collect $50 million in sales since co-founders Spencer Quinn and Eric Child pitched the product in 2013.

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6. ReadeREST

Rick Hopper, a former supervisor at Home Depot, had his eureka moment in 2010 when he found himself misplacing his reading glasses. That frustration led to ReadeREST (“reader rest”), a magnetic pocket filler that allows glasses-wearers to clip their spectacles to their shirt when not in use. Unlike glasses kept loose in a pocket, the clip prevents them from slipping out and crashing to the floor when a person bends over. Hopper accepted an offer from Lori Greiner and subsequently sold $100,000 in product the first time it appeared on QVC. They’ve since done over $27 million in sales.

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There was a tear-jerking episode where three siblings went on Shark Tank to ask for $100,000 in exchange for 20 percent equity in the business. They were pitching their product on behalf of their late father, a former firefighter who had died of cancer. He had invented an eco-friendly chopping board with a detachable section for food waste called The Cupboard Pro. Sharks Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Mark Cuban, and guest Shark Matt Higgins teamed up, investing $20,000 each. They also agreed that their share of the profits would go to a firefighter’s charity. Within 18 hours of the episode airing, 26,000 Cup Board Pros were sold. No doubt their dad would have been very proud of the pitch his children delivered

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Herjavec invested $350,000 for 10% of Max Gunawan’s foldable, magnetic-lamp company Lumio in Season 6 after calling him “possibly the best entrepreneur” he had seen so far on the show.

Last year Lumio made $3 million in sales, hitting that mark again this past June, he told Forbes. He explained that his growth is healthy and that he will continue to make distribution deals with stores that appeal to a high-end, artistic audience

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Bug Bite Thing is a suction tool that extracts insect saliva/venom from under the skin to help alleviate the itching, stinging and swelling that occurs with bug bites and stings. When you remove the irritant, your body stops producing the reaction that is causing the uncomfortable symptoms. Unlike topical creams and ointments, the problem is eliminated, not masked

Mother and daughter duo Kelley Higney and Ellen McAlister joined the Sharks in the tank to find help building inventory and marketing their product the Bug Bite Thing. Kelley and Ellen came to the Shark Tank asking for a Shark investment of $150,000 in exchange for 10% equity. Their product, which they private label from a manufacturer in Denmark draws out the insect saliva left after a bite so that your body stops producing the reaction to the saliva which causes swelling and itching. The Bug Bite Thing is simply applied over the insect bite or sting. When pressure is applied to the Bug Bite Thing, it draws the saliva out of the skin. After the suction is released from the skin, the cap, which holds the insect saliva, can easily be rinsed out and sanitized for the next use.

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Ugly holiday sweaters might appear to belong only on thrift store shelves, but Tipsy Elves co-founders Nick Morton and Evan Mendelsohn managed to convince Shark Robert Herjavec to invest $100,000 for a 10 percent stake in their business during a 2013 appearance. Peddling the clothing—which feature hideously charming or charmingly hideous designs, depending on your perspective—has paid off for everyone, with sales exceeding $10 million in 2015. Three days before taping the show, Mendelsohn went to Panda Express and found a curious prediction in his fortune cookie: “An investment opportunity will find you.” You can find their products on Amazon. Tipsy Elves specializes in Insta-worthy outfits that make you the star of every holiday party

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