we appeal all corporate companies/philanthropic organizations

We identified that there are such CSR impact platforms with information on CSR products and services, implementing agencies like NGOs. These Platforms facilitates thematic interventions, project partners and project specific budget allocation and  lists verified and eligible CSR implementing agencies, CSR services providers based on different thematic areas like healthcare, education etc.

LOOK AT THEM facilitates CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility ) heads to understand which organizations are located in the areas where they have implemented projects or are planning to undertake new projects. Similarly, implementing partners of CSR  can identify potential companies for CSR partnerships based on various criteria. LOOK AT THEM BLOG appeal all visitors/bloggers to look in to Thematic social and business research for think-tanks, government, the UN agencies, and philanthropic foundations ,Mapping of fund-flow, philanthropic and CSR investmentThematic ecosystem mapping

It is very pertinent to bring to the notice of all that many Weaker Sections Nomadic and Semi-nomadic communities ,Tribes mentioned in the State list of BCs communities in Andhra Pradesh live in resources constrained areas, which are hard to reach.  Their low Social, Educational, Economic and Political status has resulted in less or no visibility. Majority of them do not have any occupation and therefore depend on begging or wage labor.  They don’t have any resources, skills or social status to involve themselves in mainstream occupations. All these conditions have led to their exploitation.  Most of them are illiterate, ignorant of schemes and facilities being implemented by Government, do not have access to bank / insurance facilities to utilize existing development schemes.  People of these communities depend heavily on money lenders, borrow money at very high interest rates and thus are pushed to indebtedness and further impoverished.  Many in these communities do not register births and deaths.  Substantial number of these communities reported non-availability of voter identity cards, ration cards, caste certificates and birth certificates.  Absence of necessary documents affects their ability to access constitutional benefits as well as reservations in schools, colleges and Government services. Children and adults from these communities would find it difficult to compete with others due    

to years of deprivation, marginalization and low status. Therefore, on the whole it was felt that they are  richly deserving of support from all angles.

As all might aware Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) is the approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders and the purpose of CSR is to drive change towards sustainability. CSR strategies encourage the companies to make a positive impact on the environment and stakeholders including consumers, employees, investors, communities and others.

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